Peppertree Complete Care
Peppertree Complete Care
  • About Us

    Our Belief


    • Excellent community services which is delivered in a spirit of love and compassion;
    • Providing quality and excellent professional services;
    • Preserving the dignity, respect, and rights of our individuals and employees.

    Our Goal

     Building relationships and strengthening lives one family at a time! 

    Our Values


    • Respectful of basic human rights 
    • Respectful of the rights of indigenous people
    • Accountability
    • Professionalism
    • Environmentally friendly nursing service
    • Accountable medical attention
    • Effective Time management


    We are a state certified and licensed agency dedicated to providing  assistance to individuals with developmental delays or related  conditions who meets the eligibility criteria for Medicaid and/or  Supplemental Security Income (SSI) to live in their own home, their  family home, a foster care home or a residence operated by PepperTree  Complete Care (PTCC).

    “It is our commitment in serving the  needs of person’s with disabilities in their local community through  teachable moments, resource service delivery, integrative learning  modules and quality living environment that promote effective change.”